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hi. my name is craig. i am a musician, artist, writer, and filmmaker.

I am fascinated with human potential, and my various projects exist to explore these possibilities.

I see the changes that are going on in the world and I see where we are potentially heading. I share ideas through my stories, music, and art, in the hope of inspiring people to do some good in the world.

Ultimately, I want to make the world a better place. Not on my own of course, but through community and collaboration. We can all contribute towards this, and the only way forward is to do it together.

If you feel what I’m saying, get in touch. Let’s make amazing things happen.

// blog.

my art takes the form of music, stories, and film.

I write and produce songs and perform them as matek, and I also create ambient soundscapes and experimental electronic music. I create music to accompany my stories, and release these as soundtracks.

I have been writing stories for most of my life. I created Paracosmos as a platform for my stories, and use it to publish comic books and animated short films.

I see filmmaking as an extension of my desire to tell stories. I created a YouTube series called The Space Around Us with my partner Alison, and we use this as a platform to tell our story.

I love to collaborate, and I take on select projects if I resonate with them and they line up with my sense of purpose.

See some of my work at my media page.

// projects.

record label.

the freshest lofi, hip hop, ambient, dub, jazz, vaporwave, trip hop + more.

stories + film.

comic books + short films set in the paracosmos world created by craig de gouveia.

youtube series.

craig + alison share their adventures in an ongoing video series.


a creative studio with a focus on brand styling, motion graphics + metaverse content.

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