Berlin, you’re so cool

I enjoy cities. Especially when they are melting pots for different ideas, people, culture, vibes. When I travel, something I always get excited about is discovering the various flavours each city has to offer.

Berlin is one of my favourite cities. After spending a few months there last year, we returned to Paris with fresh inspiration.

When I reflect on our time there, what remains with me is the feeling of calm within the crazy. Berlin is huge and there is so much going on, but there is enough room for everything.

When I think of Berlin, I think of open-mindedness, experimental self-expression, incredible food, and overall… an insane amount of creativity. This is a place I can get lost in while feeling constantly creatively inspired.

While exploring Berlin, we discovered really cool coffee shops and galleries. We met interesting people. We went to music shows and underground exhibitions. We got to experience the German Day of Unity and the Festival of Lights.

Everything in Berlin seems well thought out, with attention to detail and excellent design throughout the city. It’s easy to tap into Berlin’s creative scene without having to look too hard, but if you dig a little deeper there truly are amazing hidden gems to discover.

I look forward to returning there and doing some of the things we didn’t get a chance to do, and to revisit the things we enjoyed. In the meantime, here’s a video about some of the creative experiences that stood out for us.

Berlin, you’re so cool. We will see you again soon.

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