elemental journey revisited

A while back I started working on an ambient track, called earth. This was going to be the first track on my first ambient album.

The idea for the project was simple: Four tracks. earth. water. air. fire. Each track is fifteen minutes long.

I spent a few hours in the studio tinkering, produced most of the track, and then put it back on the shelf and forgot about it.

Much later I received a call from a colleague. We were planning for a market in Cape Town and he asked if I had any ambient music we could sell on the day.

I said there is something I’d been working on. I went back into the studio and opened Earth. It sounded more complete than I remembered it. I spent the next two weeks creating the rest of the album, and had it ready in time for the market.

This is how Elemental Journey came to be. Since then I have listened to it often and figured other people might also like it, so I decided to make it an official release.

Most of my music has been released as my creative alias, matek. This project is different, so I decided to attach my own name to it. I will continue writing songs and performing them as matek. In addition to this I have realized I also enjoy producing ambient soundscapes. So there will be more to come.

I put a lot of love into this album and had fun creating it. I hope this comes across when you listen to it.

This music is designed to be used as a meditation aid, or to increase your focus while working. I have carefully selected the sounds and frequencies so that you can experience maximum benefit from these soundscapes.

Stream or download it here, or listen below.


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