What started life as a retro-futurist concept album has evolved into an ongoing multimedia product, and has become a fertile source of inspiration for me.

The original album (and accompanying comic book) explores themes of time and space, free will, destiny, human connection, and the potential for us to either create a better world or lose our freedom to government and corporate interests.

The original album is restrained to a sonic palette of jazzy grooves, trip hop beats and ambient textures. The latest iteration, the NEON SUN MIX, goes in another direction, with a fusion of slapping beats, lofi ambience, future bass, and an underlying vaporhop aesthetic.

After exploring this album in a few different musical directions (check out the AMBIENT MIX too if you’re curious), I’m ready to move forward with the production of the FUTURE NOIR short film.

Stay tuned for more freshness from the future.

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