hi. my name is craig.


i’m about to hijack your feed for a moment… and hopefully entertain or inspire you.

it has been a minute since i’ve posted here on the reg. allow me to (re)introduce myself.

hi. my name is craig.

i use music + stories + art to create immersive experiences.

i live in porto, portugal, with my incredible partner alison and our beautiful daughter willow.

i produce and perform music as matek — an eclectic mix of lofi hip hop, trip hop, and vapor hop, sprinkled with elements of jazz, dub, and punk.

i create ambient music and textured soundscapes as craig de gouveia, and i make experimental electronic music as denizen_zero.

i run a record label called neon sun radio. i’ve mostly been using it as a distribution platform for my own projects. i am down with getting other artists on board. (got a demo? hit me up.)

i am working on a multimedia art exhibition called materia_ephemera. it takes place in a virtual gallery space i’ve created, and will be lighting up your screens (hopefully) later this year.

i write stories and publish comic books through my platform paracosmos. i’ve been quiet on that front for a while, but behind the scenes i’ve been preparing some new releases that will drop in the near future.

i have two animated short films based on my stories in production, along with a video game based on my comic book and concept album, future noir.

alison and i run a creative agency called DSGN.cloud, where we bring your projects to life with eye popping visual elements that are carefully crafted and intentionally styled.

we also run creation in motion, a production studio with a focus on film, sound, and immersive design. this is where we publish the projects that are closest to our hearts.

all this is to say i made a pretty cool video to showcase some of my work. take a peek.

i hope you enjoy the vibe. feel free to reach out if you’d like to collaborate on a project. it can be business or art. or both.

now tell me your story. i’d love to hear from you 😎

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