Introducing The Space Around Us

For a while now I have been wanting to create more videos. I started developing some ideas for a #creationinmotion YouTube series, and realized something was missing. I was looking for a specific type of inspiration.

Then it hit me. Collaboration.

My girlfriend Alison and I had been talking about collaborating on something for a while. We knew it had to be a creative project. We both wanted to do something about travel. She said something about photography. I said something about video.

By the time Alison arrived in Paris, we were ready to start creating together. Except… we hadn’t figured out what we were going to create.

Before we knew it, we found ourselves filming our adventures in Paris. We started with little moments. Spontaneity. Soon we were planning scenes and shots. Next, we were including filming into all the plans we made.

After a month of doing this, we had a lot of footage. We realized we had the first episode of our vlog. I started editing. Alison, being the creative genius she is, started playing around with design elements. After a while she suggested the name The Space Around Us. I loved it. Our travel vlog was born.

Here is the first episode. We hope you enjoy it.

More to come soon!

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