Isha Isha Isha: A Festival for Women

The world is changing. For a long time has patriarchy been the dominant force on the planet. Men have created a world that operates in favour of only men — to the detriment of women, children, and other inhabitants of the planet.

Not any more. Women are rising up. It may take a while for balance to be restored, and we still have a long way to go, but there are many inspiring women all over who are pro-actively creating a better world.

I chatted to Dorileela Kutai, who is part of a team who created Israel’s first music festival for only women. The festival was a success, and there will be more to come.

We’ll see events like this popping up around the world over the next few years. As more women reclaim their power, we will see less oppression and more harmony and beauty on the planet.

The revolution is happening.

What is the name of the event?

Isha Isha Isha — which means Woman Woman Woman in Hebrew.

How did the idea come about for this festival?

We have been hosting a weekly lineup in Tel Aviv for the past two years which is called Bona (meaning in female calling: come over).

Our concept was about live performances by only female musicians, in order to support and bring their music to the front. This is also a response to the imbalance and injustice in the playing rates in percentage at the Israeli radio stations, which still shows a rough discrimination.

Our wish was to create a festival that is all about MUSIC, FREEDOM, AND LOVE — for women only!

What was your role in creating the festival?

I was part of the production team. We are three women behind that.

How would you describe the festival?

Our vision was to create a magical and safe space for women of all kinds to come and gather around the music. There were almost 30 live performances in 48 hours, of only women!! We basically held a WOODSTOCK for women only!

All our hard work for months didn’t prepare me to the moment when it officially started. I was sooooo excited to see all women arrive, with their suitcases and heavy bags to come spend the weekend with us in the desert. I was crying from happiness and was so touched to see it actually happening.

What was it like to experience a festival for women only?

A space that holds only women, especially when it evolves around music, has so much power in it. We felt really free, really in touch with each other, but mostly natural to just be with no distractions — and nothing which is different to us.

What was the highlight of the event for you?

All that we imagined and thought to be needed has proven to be a great success.

Women need to unite in this era so we can grow strong and free all our sisters that still up to this age are oppressed by men, by religion, and by simply having no one to reach out to. I trust that no woman ever would choose to be oppressed, shamed, and hidden.

What type of music was featured at the festival?

Rock, ethnic, indie, soul, folk, punk, electronic, etc…

Do you see this as a global movement?

Yes! Women are rising!

I saw something in Europe somewhere lately, also a women only festival, in order to raise awareness of the rape culture we are all so trained to believe is okay even today.

Also our dream is to call women from all over the world to come and celebrate with us at the next festival, in the most beautiful desert located in Israel.

We are the so called “lucky” ones, to be women in the western side of the globe. It’s not perfect, but it’s going in the right direction. We can’t ever forget our sisters in the rest of the world, where women are far far from being privileged or even blessed for being born a woman.

We must remember it’s only in the last few years that even here in the west we are slowly uncovering our true identity, and the meaning of being a woman.

Clue: this has nothing to do with fashion, sizes, femininity, society, pregnancy, or any of the other services we are being expected to perform. We are not about that!

What do you ladies have planned for 2018?

We will produce a very special unforgettable concert for Women’s Month in March, and we are already planning the second festival.

What is your message for women around the world?

Women Unite (!) and head to the front please, the world needs you now!

I sincerely believe in the eradication of sex crimes, paycheck discrimination, young girls’ circumcision, girls’ marriage, rape culture, sexism, etc. when women will learn of their power and their inner true identity which has been manipulated for ages… by… men.

Anything else you want to share about the event (or this movement)?

I see it rising. I see the need for this. I see the importance of it to happen. Women need to take charge now, for a more compassionate world, for the greater solutions and the creativity the world needs to become fair and safe to the whole human kind.

Do you have a website link or Facebook page?

SURE! Find us on Facebook.

Follow Isha Isha Isha Festival on Facebook.

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  1. I am proud to be a woman!!!
    I am proud to love my beautiful woman and to be loved by her
    I enjoy supporting women in their way to fulfill their dreams
    This Israeli women festival was a milestone for women voice to be heard
    I challenge women artists all over the world to gather together in more artistic events like that: music, art, performance, movies and dance.
    Happiness and joy will make the change.

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