‘Love Yourself First’ by Fifi Rong

The talented Fifi Rong returns with her latest single, Love Yourself First. It’s an immersive, delicate, bass-heavy, soulful production that juxtaposes themes of self-doubt and self confidence, through a soothing yet emotional vocal delivery.

The lyrics are sung in both English and Chinese, and once again Fifi proves to be a deft songwriter in both languages. The song has a dreamy flow that invites the listener into Fifi’s world, and glides gently through a journey of love, loss, and self-reflection. When the song ends I find myself skipping back to hear it one more time.

The production on Love Yourself First really stands out. The groove is subtle and powerful at the same time, and compliments the soulful texture of Fifi’s voice perfectly. The single is self-produced, and showcases Fifi’s versatility not only as a songwriter, but also as a skilful producer.

Here’s what Fifi has to say about Love Yourself First: “This song acts as a reminder to the indestructible truth we all know deep down, but often neglect in these uncertain times of the world.

Fifi’s new singles are building towards her new album, called There’s A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved. It’s a concept album that tells the story of of a tragic femme fatale and her turbulent romantic affairs.

The album is a portrait – and an exploration – of the archetypes of human conditions, as told from the perspective of the character Fifi has constructed for this story. If the new tracks are any indication, the rest of the album is going to be incredible.

I look forward to hearing more.

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Love Yourself First is part of a collection of individual love stories, which form Fifi Rong’s upcoming album, There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved.

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