My name is Craig de Gouveia. I am a musician, artist, writer, and filmmaker.

I am intrigued about human potential, and my various projects exist to explore these possibilities and push these boundaries.

I love working with music, stories, and art. I create immersive worlds to showcase where these disciplines intersect.

Take a look at my projects below, and get in touch if you want to collaborate.

// music.

Music is something I have always been passionate about. From the moment I picked up a guitar as a teenager, I knew making music would always be a big part of my life.

I have released several albums and EPs as my creative alias matek. I write ambient soundscapes and experimental electronic music under my own name. I also create music to accompany my stories, and release these as soundtracks.

Here are some of my releases.

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// stories.

I have been writing stories for most of my life. I am fascinated by storytelling as a medium, and how humans think in stories. I find storytelling to be the most effective way to transfer concepts, whether they are simple, practical, or abstract. I use storytelling as an opportunity to entertain, educate, and inspire others.

For quite some time I have had access to a fictional world that exists in my imagination. Stories from here appear to me fully formed, and I am familiar with the characters who inhabit this world.

I created a publishing platform called Paracosmos as a way to get my stories out into the world. I share my stories to encourage people to explore the stories that exist within all of us.

Here are some of my recent works.

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// film.

I see filmmaking as an extension of my desire to tell stories. Film is a medium that brings together aspects of storytelling, visual art, and music.

I created a YouTube series called The Space Around Us with my partner Alison, and this is our platform to tell our story.

I create animated short films for some of my Paracosmos stories, to give my characters an opportunity to experience four dimensional space.

I also produce music videos, and explore the art of creating a visual response to aural stimuli.

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// connect.

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