Review: Fifi Rong x LO – The Crown EP

Fifi Rong returns with a new EP, accompanied by Berlin-based producer LO. The four track EP consists of a collection of breezy summer jams, fusing Fifi’s seductive, Chinese-influenced avant-pop sensibilities with LO’s anthemic European dance rhythms.

There is great synergy between these two artists, and the result is something slightly different from each of these artists’ solo productions. Fifi’s melodic and soulful vocals soar above chunky 808 beats and dance synths, creating a unique sound that would work both on the dancefloor and in a chill lounge.

The EP kicks off with title track and lead single The Crown, which features Fifi’s pitch-shifted vocals flowing over one of LO’s bassy rhythms. The track is uplifting, and sets the tone for the songs to follow.

The second single, Hunger Games (available 14 September 2018) has an edgy, bass-driven beat and lyrics that sound like a dreamy revolution for love and freedom. Fifi sums it up with the line: Just keep on going till it hurts, until the whole world falls in love…

The remaining two songs, Upstream and Foreign, are soulful and melodic, with Fifi’s sultry voice over soft synths, juxtaposed with LO’s strong dance beats.

Both Fifi and LO put a lot of love into this collaboration, and this flows through the music they have created.

In Fifi’s words: The Crown is empowering, liberating and represents a new beginning rising above all shadows and darkness.

Awake EP represented a long, dark night that kicked off the awakening process. The transition from Awake to The Crown is a move towards light and openness, so you will see me using epic scenery like forests, cliffs, oceans and deserts for this project.

The Crown is my most consistent body of work to date in terms of mood. The decision to make it my first collaborative EP was easy – working with LO has been perfectly aligned.

LO says: I am always trying to produce innovative soundscapes, and The Crown has a really interesting mixture of edgy electronic sounds and organic flute and string samples. Nonetheless, the laidback production leaves enough space for Fifi’s great vocals.

The Crown drops on 28 September 2018 and will be available from all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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