Review: Valladares (Berlin)

Valladares is a place I discovered while hanging out in Moabit this month. It’s a quirky cafe with a casual vibe. It’s a fun place to hang out and has consistently good food.

The first item I tried on from the menu was the charcoal cheese burger, which made my taste buds dance. I returned for weekend brunch, and would recommend the (egg-free) omelette, breakfast wrap, or waffles.

Their lasagna is amazing, and I would recommend their bowls if you’re looking for a unique treat that will satisfy your appetite.

The music varies, and is usually along the lines of indie electronica. It’s usually quiet enough to have a meeting or a coffee date, with just enough background ambience to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The wifi is good and the venue is digital nomad friendly. Often you will see people sitting at a table or on a sofa, working for hours on end.

If you like chocolate with their coffee, I would recommend their Schoko Shock. You’ll thank me later.

Next time you find yourself in this part of Berlin, be sure to stop by Valladares. In fact, I’d recommend taking a trip to this side of the city specifically to visit this cafe. The staff are super friendly and there’s always a positive vibe there.

FOOD ★★★★☆
WIFI ★★★★☆
MUSIC ★★★★☆
VIBE ★★★★☆

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Stephanstraße 46, 10559, Berlin-Moabit

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