The Goddess Returns

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The Great Work of the ages: anchoring spirit into the physical world.

Despite the mostly negative reports that are portrayed to us by mainstream media, there is actually A LOT of positive transformation going on in the world.

In the midst midst of these transitions, a number of things are occurring, including:

– People all over the world are waking up to our true divine nature; our joy-filled infinite spiritual essence, which is our default state of being. More than ever before, we are acknowledging divinity within ourselves and also in others, and as a result we are treating each other with more kindness, love, and respect.

– After thousands of years of a predominantly patriarchal spiritual paradigm, the feminine aspects of divinity are once again beginning to be acknowledged. This acknowledgement is bringing more balance and harmony to the planet, and these feminine aspects bring qualities like empathy and compassion into mass consciousness.

This track is my ode to these transitions, and is dedicated to all of the women of the world. Keep on shining your light, as this will bring much needed healing to humanity.

Hear the rest of the EP here:

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