The Mindscape of a Creative Conduit

I don’t know what it’s like for other creative people as there is an incredibly vast spectrum of creative peeps out there….

I find that most of the time I feel like a conduit. I am constantly receiving transmissions and downloading information.

Sometimes it’s a vision of an advanced civilization, broken down into the specific steps they took in order to reach the apex of their culture. Sometimes it’s a picture of the universe’s entire history, both past and future, and I am able to zoom into specific coordinates in space/time and see how things came to be. Sometimes I look at life on earth and see where probability is heading us and how our collective choices will impact our future. Often it’s picture of how different our experiences could be if we shifted things around and rearranged our priorities.

Ultimately, they’re all visions of transformation, unity, harmony, compassion, and cooperation. And of course love.

Yes, I am an idealist. But I am more interested in the practical application of ideals rather than just thinking about them.

These downloads appear as complete concepts in my mind and usually relate to how amazing the world could be if only someone would do something about it.

And then I feel responsible for fleshing the concept out, or building a team to help to execute the vision, and doing whatever it takes to turn it into something tangible.

In my world this usually takes the form of either stories, music, or art. These are the constructs I feel the most adept at utilizing as tools of expression and mass communication.

And I offer services for people who are also interested in exploring how deep the rabbit hole goes, but that is an entire conversation in itself.

My projects that eventually see the light of day are only a fraction of the ideas I am constantly downloading. I find that I have to practice the utmost discipline and discernment in order to focus my time and energy only on the concepts that I feel the most intense desire to act upon.

And as soon as I get started on a new project, the next batch of projects are already appearing fully formed in my mind.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming. But seeing a project through to its completion and giving other people an opportunity to interact with it is an incredibly rewarding experience.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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