The Mystical Origins of Geometry


You probably remember learning about geometry in high school. While a useful study in itself, it may not have been presented in an interesting or inspiring way. And you were most likely not told about the magical origins of this ancient science.

So here’s a geometry lesson from an unexpected source… presented by none other than Disney’s Donald Duck.

This short film was originally released in 1959 and won an Academy Award that year. In this video, Donald Duck introduces us to the mystical origins of geometry, which illustrates nicely how mathematical geometry (geometry that is taught in schools) originated from the ancient art and science of Sacred Geometry.

In this video you will learn about Pythagoras, music, the pentagram, the Golden Ratio, architecture, art, nature, the human body, and how the study of Sacred Geometry can allow you to experience a glimpse of infinity. Much of what is shared in this film is what was taught by the ancient Mystery Schools, and these teachings are now re-emerging as people are reawakening to these possibilities.

Not bad for a cartoon that was released more than half a century ago.


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