the world’s first vegan food delivery app.

Since we’ve been exploring Europe as digital nomads, Alison and I have eaten at a bunch of incredible restaurants. We always look forward to discovering new food when we arrive in a new city.

We love walking around and stumbling upon new places to eat. Sometimes we feel like chilling and want to order in. If we know what we want and are familiar with the restaurants in the area, this is relatively easy. But when we’re in a new city and don’t know much about the local restaurants, it’s not always easy to find vegan options that appeal to us.

There have been times we have caught ourselves endlessly scrolling through food delivery apps, while we flip through different restaurants and try to decide what to order. The apps we’ve been using don’t really offer much information about the restaurants they feature, and it’s not always easy to discover good restaurants with vegan options.

This got us thinking… what if there was a food delivery app that only served food from the vegan restaurants in the city?

We did some research and found that while there are plenty of vegan restaurants that offer a delivery service, and plenty of food delivery apps with a limited vegan section, there wasn’t really an app like the one we had in mind.

So we decided to create one.

We have been tinkering away for the past few months. We have been researching, designing and planning, and are excited to announce eat.lifethe world’s first vegan food delivery app.

We’ve put together a super slick design and we’re working on a fun and easy to use app that will make ordering vegan food a breeze. We’re planning our launch party in London, and then we’ll expand into other vegan-friendly cities around the world.

We are ready for this and it seems the world is too. We have set this in motion and the pieces are falling into place.

If you’re interested, there’s a chance to be involved in this project. We’re running a crowdfunding campaign to prepare for our launch. You can be a part of this movement by showing some love here.

Check out for more info about this project, and here’s a feature written by vegconomist.

If you enjoy delicious vegan food, we’ll see you in your city soon.

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