welcome to the party.

since early last year, i have been working on an art exhibition. it will be my first one since 2009.

the collection is called called materia_ephemera. it’s an exploration of the transient nature of all things, and it takes place within a digital space: a liminal world where pop culture tropes mingle freely with mind-bending metaphysical concepts.

while i admire and study the work of the great masters of the classical world, i am more influenced by pop culture phenomena like music + movies + comic books + video games.

my inspiration comes from a place where the subversive sensibilities of pop artists like warhol + basquiat + banksy meet the aesthetics of world-building illustrators like moebius + jack kirby + jamie hewlett.

like most of my projects, materia_ephemera started out as a concept album. from this collection of sounds + textures, emerged accompanying imagery. around it, formed a gallery populated by denizens who are also enjoying the art; a space where these pieces can be explored in real time.

more on this later.

for now, here is a teaser.

let’s start this discourse with a party. here is the first single from the album, accompanied by one of the explorable spaces that hold hidden + not so hidden pieces of art.

metaphor_morphosis with denizen_zero is a glimpse from the outside. materia_ephemera will be experienced from the inside.

grab your headphones + enjoy.

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