what is future noir?

A while ago I had an idea for my latest matek album.

This album started its life as a story.

The story follows the previous story I published: after the events that take place in The DEATH and REBIRTH of ABRAXAS NEPTUNE, matek goes missing.

It turns out matek travels to the future and returns with a message for humanity. He is now known as the cosmic mystic and is here to share his visions with the world.

The album is called #futurenoir and it is a manifesto from the future. The story is semi-autobiographical and based on some of my own personal experiences.

I’ve created a comic book to share this story. You can preview it below, read it here, or download it here.

I’m putting the final touches on the album, it’s on its way next.

In the meantime, here’s a preview.

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