What is your dream?

Life is filled with many opportunities, and also many distractions.

There is a fire inside of you, a piece of you that has known all along what you are supposed to be doing.

Are you fueling this fire by doing things you feel passionate about? Or has this fire dimmed over the years?

We are here on earth for a limited time. Before we know it, years pass us by. It’s important for us to spend our time doing things that make us feel alive. Incidentally, this adds years to life.

If you are already living your dream, there will always be more dreams to follow. If not, your dream will never fade completely. But if this dream is not nurtured, a time will come when life feels meaningless. This is when we give up hope and age before our time.

So dream. Explore. Live!

You have enough time. Make the most of it. Nurture the flame.

This is what makes life magical.

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